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This past weekend, James Franco showed his short film, titled, "Brad Renfro Forever" to a packed audience in the basement of the New Museum. The event, which was hosted by and The THING Quarterly , was to pay tribute to Brad Renfro, the actor who passed away in early 2008 from a heroin overdose . The original plan was to include a psychic, presumably to contact his friend's spirit, but during the Q+A after the film screening Franco said he ultimately scrapped the idea because it didn't seem right.

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Last month, we learned that James Franco carved deceased actor Brad Renfro's name into his arm as part of his upcoming art installation/exhibit in honor of James Dean at the Venice Biennale, and we found it to be a bit troubling.

Franco was at the New Museum yesterday to screen a short film about his carving, "Brad." The deed itself was performed by a tattoo artist with a grey pompadour and a piercing gaze in Renfro's former home, and is interspersed with impressions of Renfro given by his friends. Renfro, who died in 2008 of a heroin overdose at the age of 25, was in two films with Franco, one of which was the 2002 picture Deuces Wild.