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As with many movies in the series, the two anime episodes of this arc are available in an ani-manga version. It was released in Japan on June 4, 2010 ( ISBN 978-4-08-874838-2 ).

The "Naruto Nation" campaign, a plan to release three volumes each month in the last four months of 2007, was announced by Viz Media shortly before the release of the fourteenth volume. [7] Cammie Allen, Viz Media's product manager, commented that, "Our main reason [for the accelerated schedule] was to catch up to the Japanese release schedule to give our readers a similar experience to that of our readers in Japan." [7] As such, the English serialization of Part II premiered on December 4, 2007, in Shonen Jump . [7]

In the Academy, Kakashi earned top grades, earning him recognition as a prodigy and the best of his generation. [15] [4] Ultimately, he became very popular amongst his peers. With his talents soon being recognised, at age 5, Kakashi graduated from the Academy at the top of his class in a single year. Upon becoming genin, he and his classmates, Rin Nohara and Obito Uchiha , were teamed together under the leadership of Minato Namikaze .

Kakashi Hatake ( はたけ カカシ ? , Hatake Kakashi ) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto . Kishimoto originally planned to introduce Kakashi in the manga to the series' title character, Naruto Uzumaki , early on, but pushed back this meeting so that Naruto's teammates could be better developed. [4]