Tinkerbell Wings Tattoo

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Because Tinkerbell tattoos are popular, they also go on nearly every part of the body. From the back to the hand to the foot to the ankle, literally there is no place that has been untouched by Tinkerbell’s wings. Her size, too, can vary based upon the location and what the client wants. If you want a brightly colored placement that gets you noticed, go bigger. If you want to retain the fairy spirit, locate her in a place that is going to fit for her smaller frame. Regardless, the magical fairy can go anywhere and fly to any zone as long as the artist and client are in agreement.

Wing tattoo designs are extremely popular among today’s generation. Wings are a symbol of flying high, inspiration and aiming for the sky. Wing tattoo designs hold a special place in tattoo lovers hearts as it gives them a sense of freedom. It makes them feel as if there are no restraints and nothing can hold them down. In other words, they can accomplish and achieve anything that they put their minds to. They feel as if they are truly fee and have no bounds.

The sweetest fairy around!

The Cupcake Fairy Wings offer your child a cute way to dress up for costume parties or birthday parties. Fairy wings usually have a dragonfly-like design or even a feathered design in some cases. With these wings, your child will be covered in cupcakes instead of scales or feathers, putting an adorable spin on traditional fairy wing designs.