Waluigi Brawl In The Family

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FIRST APPEARANCE: 151 – WitF Hide your daughters and your modern art: Waluigi’s in town! Waluigi is a poorly-understood individual who has difficulty fitting in with others. His only friend in the world (aside from Wario) seems to be Daisy,[…] ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

In his own inane comic series, Waluigi in the Family (which Waluigi intermittently injects into BitF as April Fools' jokes), he is able to possess other objects to make them look and behave like himself.

Merry Switchmas, everybody! Matthew’s played a bunch of Zelda and is here to offer his opinion as a seasoned Nintendo veteran. Does he like it? … Who am I kidding, this is Matthew and Zelda we’re talking about.

Brawl in the Family is a gag-a-day webcomic written and drawn by Matthew Taranto , featuring various Nintendo characters, such as Kirby and Mario . The comic ended on October 3, 2014, having produced a total of 600 comics.